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Griddhkuta Hill

Griddhkuta Hill is located in Rajgriha village of Nalanda city of Bihar.Griddhakuta Hill is one of the five hills present in Rajgriha. Rajgir is considered as a very beautiful place.Rajgir is a small  town which is covered with lush green forest  adding beauty of the place. It was capital of the Magadh Mahajanpad. It was earlier called Rajgrih.  The name Rajgir means the home of Royalty. This place is associated with Lord Buddha and Buddhism. The Jivekarmavan monastery was the residence for Buddha.

Griddhakuta Hill is a Buddhist religious place. It is known as the hill of vultures as it has rocks in a shape of vulture. It is the most renowned sightseeing attraction in Rajgiriha. This Hill is situated at an altitude of 400 m. This place is called the vulture peak not only due to its shape like vulture but it is frequently visited by large number of vultures. According to the Buddhist texts this is the sacred place where Lord Buddha lived for many years. It is here that Lord Buddha meditated and carried out many sermons with his disciples.

There is a small cave which is said to be used by Buddha for performing meditation during his stay.  Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra to convert the Mauryan King Bimbisara in this cave. With the starting of second wheel of law, Lord Buddha also delivered some important teachings to his followers at this peak. It is believed that Lord Buddha spent the three months of rainy season on this hill and meditated here. There is also an old stone which is encountered while climbing the hill. This stone is attributed to king Bimbisara. This stone was even used by the Chinese Buddhist monks Huen-Tsang to reach this place during his visit to India. There are also rock-cut steps on these hills that lead to two natural caves, few metal plates engraved and a group of Buddhist Shrines

Devdatta the cousin and brother-in-law of Buddha was his biggest enemy. He wanted Buddha to retire and make him the Order of Monks.When Buddha refused his proposal he got very angry and decided to end Buddha’s by any means. Prince Ajatasattu, son of King Bimbisara, was highly impressed by the psychic power of Devadatta and he decided to become the disciple of Devadatta and follow his preaching. Devdatta encouraged Prince Ajatasattu and made an evil plan to kill Buddha and take revenge. Ajatasattu provided Devadatta with professional soldiers and ordered them to kill Buddha so Devadatta can take over the Sangha.

The plan was to send two soldiers to kill Lord Buddha, and those two will be killed by other four hired soldiers and hire even more to kill the four soldiers so that they could cover his plan. But this plan failed since the hired soldiers couldn’t do anything in front of Lord Buddha and they got converted to Buddhist instead. After the failure of the plan Devadatta decided to kill Buddha by himself. His first attempt to kill Lord Buddha was to throw a rock from high while Lord Buddha was walking on the Gridhkutta Hill. But the rock broke into the pieces. His next attempt was sending an intoxicated elephant to kill Lord Buddha. But the elephant became calm when it approcoached in front of Buddha.

Since the two attempts to kill Lord Buddha failed massively, he tried another deceitful plan misleading 500 monks so he could split the Sangha Community. But all the plans failed Devdatta was not able to kill Buddha. Devdatta realized his mistake after he fell sick he wanted to visit Buddha but while climbing the hill the earth sucked him into the Niraya Hell for his deeds.

Here also exists a Shanti Stupa also known as peace pagoda, which is said to have been built by the Buddhists of Japan.The Shanti Stupa is 38 meter high and has four  gilded statues of Lord Buddha .Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India in 1956 invited from all over the world to India for visiting the Shanti Stupa. He himself climbed the Griddkuta hill and looking at the condition of Shanti Stupa asked Fuji Guruji to construct the stupa again in true Buddhist Tradition. Visitors can go up to the stupa with help of ropeway. There is a Bramha Kund which consists hot water from seven different springs. The view from the top is fantastic. One gets peace and satisfaction on visiting this sacred place. Griddhkuta Hill is considered to be the second “holiest” place of Buddhism, after the Maha Bodhi Temple because this is the place where the Buddha spent so many years meditating, and teaching so many lessons to his followers. The hill holds a great importance because it was the place where Lord Buddha gave his two significant sutras the Lotus Sutra and the Prajnaparamita.

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